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I make music for games, animations, short films, vlogs, etc. If you want me to make something for you, please contact me and we'll discuss the details.
I also write scripts, record sound effects, animate and voice act.


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Posted by SourJovis - August 10th, 2013

The NGADM13 first round submissions have been judged. The nice thing about this contest is the entrants are paired up with an opponent, so winning is not just a matter of skill but you also have to get lucky with the opponent you get and how he/she performs. This keeps it unpredictable and exciting and provides a chance for the underdogs to make it far. To defeat this point, I make a ranking list based on the average score everyone got from the judges.

1. headphoamz--------------9.26
2. Kor-Rune--------------------8.87
3. SteamPianist--------------8.78
4. ZipZipper--------------------8.76
5. etherealwinds-------------8.73
6. SoundChris-----------------8.72
7. BlazingDragon------------8.68
8. Lashmush--------------------8.52
8. IglicaV-------------------------8.52
10. Blackhole12---------------8.41
11. The Bardic Kings-------8.40
12. SkyeWintrest-------------8.38
13. JacobCadmus------------8.37
14. Camoshark----------------8.33
14. MichaelJ-------------------8.33
16. PeterSatera---------------8.32
17. InYourDreams------------8.31
18. johnfn------------------------8.29
19. ForgottenDawn----------8.27
19. dj-Jo--------------------------8.27
21. acmeDyne-----------------8.23
22. midimachine-------------8.16
22. Breed-------------------------8.16
24. Duttonsayshi--------------8.05
25. RealFaction---------------8.00
25. TheBenjerman-----------8.00
27. InvisibleObserver-------7.89
28. papkee-----------------------7.88
29. Nimble-----------------------7.85
30. Sequenced-----------------7.84
30. aliaspharow---------------7.84
32. XsakuX-----------------------7.78
33. Hurks--------------------------7.77
34. skyood------------------------7.70
35. Mystek-------------------------7.67
36. raggd46-----------------------7.65
37. SineRider--------------------7.64
38. Wolftacular-----------------7.63
39. Xyresic------------------------7.50
40. TitanMusic------------------7.48
41. SilverPoyozo--------------7.47
41. garlagan---------------------7.47
43. ChronoNomad------------7.43
44. Metallica1136-------------7.37
45. BrokenDeck----------------7.33
46. DivoFST----------------------7.26
47. Mawnz-----------------------7.25
48. Braiton-----------------------7.20
49. SourJovis-------------------7.07
50. jvonm-------------------------7.02
51. Calamaistr-----------------7.01
52. Veneox----------------------6.98
53. WingoWinston-----------6.95
54. HalcyonicFalconX------6.94
55. Slug-Salt--------------------6.74
56. Quarl--------------------------6.53
56. Fleshbag--------------------6.53
58. LiquidOoze----------------6.33

Note some rankings are double because of ties. I'm 49 out of 58 people. Pretty bad. I expected a better reception of my entry. Not just by the judges. I thought it was the best thing I ever made. So time for a front page place, more views, better comments, favourites, fans, etc. Then again, the song itself didn't turn as good as I hoped. The singing didn't work out as well as I wanted and Frootza didn't have enough time to play the guitar, so I had to use samples. Guess I should be glad my opponent didn't show up then. I have to step it up a notch in the next round. But how can I if I gave it my utmost? Guess it's time for different tactics.

Posted by SourJovis - August 3rd, 2013

As you all know the deadline of the first round of the NGADM is in 5 hours. What some of you may know is that I'm in it, and I've posted my entry today. Hope you enjoy it.
Camoshark made a NGADM pairing list, so you can see which contestants are matched up against each other. You can keep track of this contest. The contestants belong to the best musicians on Newgrounds and me. I don't know how I got in there, but since I am I might as well win. No big deal.

Posted by SourJovis - August 2nd, 2013

Help I'm stuck with the game The Black Knight Rises.

As you can see I've depleted all of the second boss' health, but I don't know what you have to do after that. He doesn't do anything anymore. I don’t know how to finish him off. I tried hitting him but nothing happens. You can't use the downward attack because he's too high. I hear there's some kind of spin attack but I don't know how to do that. Please help. I'll leave the game running for now hopefully until I get an answer. Thanks.

Stuck with The Black Knight Rises

Posted by SourJovis - July 10th, 2013

Hello people! Happy robot day everyone! For the opportunity I made this song:


I hope you enjoy it.

Also if you haven't played INVAZIA yet, you should.


It's a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really fun and addicting.

Posted by SourJovis - June 30th, 2013

So the final results for the N G M T '13 are published, but I thought they were rather incomplete. Only the first 4 places were officially ranked, and the people who didn't get any votes weren't mentioned at all. Perhaps this was to not embarrass them, but I like most of the contestants and songs that didn't receive any votes, and I think you should be proud for trying. So the ranking I made is based on the number of votes. Whenever there's a tie, the participant who participated in most rounds has an advantage. If there's still a tie after that, it's just a tie. The later rules aren't official, it's just something I made up. Feel free to disagree with my ranking. But you may be interested to see the information that was shoved under the rug. No more hush hush. Here are the complete results:

Step & Echo.............1.......4.......4

Posted by SourJovis - May 18th, 2013

The auditions for the first SHMUP game have closed. We're quite happy with the turnout. If you did an audition, we'll let you know who the definite actors will be as soon as we know. If you didn't do an audition you'll get a chance next time.

Posted by SourJovis - May 4th, 2013

Hello voice actors and other readers,

Together with a friend of mine I'm working on a video game series called "Star Gazer Hank Mankind's Ultimate Pilot" or in short SHMUP. And it will be an eh... SHMUP.

We're currently working on the first game, and we're in need of voice actors m/f. These are the characters:

Good guys: Hank (Main character, hero), Board computer (Important support character, computer voice).
Bad guys: Iron Hawk (first boss. Machine), Torch (Second boss. Machine), Factory (Third boss. Machine. Low, mighty, humming voice, like rock biter from The Never Ending Story film), Steel Eagle (Forth boss. Machine. Similar to Iron Hawk), Shroud (Fifth and final boss. Machine.)

All except one are machine voices. You can deform your voice into a machine voice if you want. We want every voice to sound different, so different ways of deforming are welcome. But you don't have deform your own voice. We can do that too. We're more interested in your voice and acting. So only put effects on your recording if you have some good and original ones.

If you are interested in a role for the game please record the lines below for the role you wish to audition for, and send them to paranodia.abridgent@gmail.com

The lines are:


"This is two thousand sixty six. My home planet Gaia's population growth and pollution issues are sky high. But the resources have reached rock bottom."

"(mocking) Heh. No chance buddy."

(excited long stretched yell) "Whooohaaaa!"

Board computer

"Prepare for landing."

"Never produced in a- Holy shit! Behind you!"

"It is not ours. It's Gaia whose access is blocked. Seemingly our enemy hides the planet from the outside to prevent in or outgoing traffic."

Iron Hawk

"This sector is under martial law of the C-Force. Submit yourself or die."

"Stop him. He cannot escape this sector."


"Did you really think destroying C-Force's cannon fodder is impressive?"

"Turns out someone's all talk."

Factory (Low, mighty, humming voice, a bit like the stone guy from Never Ending Story)

"Incorrect serial number, proceed towards gate delta-two for scanning and readjustments."

"To all units in the area, intruder detected."

Steel Eagle (Similar to Iron Hawk)

"You have destroyed an inferior prototype. You will not survive this encounter."

"Built to last."


"Surely. I have time on hands, so fire away. Figuratively I mean."

"Oh you didn't think that we are piloted now did you? Gaia was one of the planets we suspect capable of developing artificial intelligence, and we are here to prevent that."

"Now may I ask you your name?"

Hope to hear recordings from you soon.

Good luck,

ps: I think I have enough voices to make it work now. You can still send in your auditions, and you still make as much of a chance. Especially if you can do a good Factory voice. Not many people have such a deep old sounding voice.

Posted by SourJovis - March 7th, 2013

Hello everyone. Have you been playing Cathode Raybots a lot. I know I have. If you haven't please check it out.
There are two playing options. The first one is as human. You are a marine and you have to fight one (if you choose a boss file) or a sequence (if you choose a campaign) of raybots. Imagine megaman, but with only boss fights.
The second option is what makes the game so unique and addicting. You choose a raybot, but then you don't actually fight against a human. Instead you have to design and program the bot, so it can fight any player who chooses it from the boss file. The raybots that get the highsest scores will be featured in campaigns.
I suck at the human mode, but I made a couple of raybots that are quite interesting and challenging I think. I have made them as a campaign since they are all based on my logo and avatar. This campaign only exists unofficially, and you can not choose it from the campaign menu. You can however fight my raybots if you follow the links below.

Hatred MKII
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610807/gro up/522/play/426097

Fear Mkii
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610807/gro up/522/play/426460

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610807/gro up/522/play/427964

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610807/gro up/522/play/428726

Hatred was the first I created. It's called MKII which means mark two, because I made an earlier version that was too easy.
When I decided to make it more difficult, I made it much too difficult. Impossible in fact, so it couldn't get through the testing phase. I gave it gravity/blackhole bombs (whatever they're called), and a ray that comes out on the top and underneath. To make it easier I switched back to the ordinary boms and the red floating orb shield, like I did in the first version. It's still a pretty difficult fight, because the bot moves around pretty fast, and covers almost every corner of the battle field. For a long time it was ranked 5/5 for difficulty. It has dropped a little since.

Fear was the second raybot I made. Also the second version. I improved the face a bit. Mainly because I forgot to save the first one. But I think this one looks a bit better. I replaced the earlier teleport with a bouncing forward shot, because you could just get clear shots at the first one when you stayed in front or behind it. I still kept the upward shot from the first version. It used to be a very difficult bot also. It was ranked 5/5 for some time. But due to a glitch it became much easier. You were supposed to kill it within 30 seconds while it kept running away. This wasn't impossible, but now it's just extremely easy, because it no longer self destructs when the counter has dropped to 0. Anyone knows why this is?

Sickness was the third. Not much to tell about it. I think I just coincidentally struck a nice ballance in terms of difficulty. I could have made it much more difficult, if I made the patteren longer, made it move around faster, and dropped more bombs, but this was a reasonable difficulty. I don't quite like how the face turned out, but it was a nice idea.

Death was the fourth raybot (excluding all the prototypes) that is. Based it on my own avatar. It's a little out of line with the other three, but it has the same kinds of colours, and I use some weapons I hadn't used before. The difficulty is about the same as the others. Difficult but not impossible.

I hope you like my custom raybots. It'd be nice to see them in an official campaign someday.

Cathode Raybots Campaign

Posted by SourJovis - February 25th, 2013

Submitted my entry to comic jam 4 last night. It's called Cheesy Girl. About a girl who gets super powers because she fals in a pot of fonduta (Italian cheese fondue). It was a story I always wanted to do, but never had the chance to work out.

The comic I ended up with is only a summary of what I had in mind though. I didn't have enough time to make a longer comic, but If I hadn't made it now, I may never have made it at all. Now the beginning is made, you may see more of Cheesy Girl, or Chiara as her real name is.

Hope you people like it.

Another news flash. I'm currently working on a new soundtrack for a video game. The soundtrack is for at least 1/3rd done, but the game is still very much under development. We don't even know who the protagonist will be, but I'm rooting for Cheesy Girl.

Cheesy Girl

Posted by SourJovis - January 5th, 2013

Have you played the game "MOON" that's on the front page right now?

It's a "love it or you hate it" game.

For me though it was quite okay. I gave it a 4/5. Enjoyable but could have been better.

But I'm not going to get into that right now. What I want to talk about is the infamous "true secret room" in that game.

A lot of people tried to find this secret room, but got stuck (including me) when they had to enter 5 secret codes.

Bacterx was the first (and probably only one) to succeed. So I asked him how he did it. He didn't remember what the codes were, but he gave me plenty of hints how to find them for myself. I have the utmost respect for Bacterx for finding the codes. I could never have done it without his help. But now that I have the codes, it's time to share them with all of you.



To get to the "true secret room" you first have to enter the secret hallway. You do this when you've entered corridor 2 (near the end of the game when the alarm goes off). You'll find a red button on the wall in the background, with some grey lines crossing behind it (pipes or electricity cables). Once you're there press spacebar. (Don't exit the screen on the right, or you won't be able to get there without restarting the game). You enter a secret hallway with four lanterns on each screen. Every screen has a secret number hidden on the lanterns. You'll need them. You pass 6 screens, with a total of 6 numbers, before you reach the final screen with another red button. Hit the button and you'll be asked to enter the 5 codes. Here they are:

LIFE: 12cly90pov2
MOON: 274091
TICTAC: 12 99 70 51 59 12 77 0a

This is where to find them:
LIFE: Complete EventHorizon's "Safe Your Life 1"
MOON: Numbers are on the lanterns on the hallway to the button to the secret room.
EAGLE: I don't know where to get this code. Probably in another one of EventHorizon's games. Bacterx told me RABBIT and EAGLE were either 0 or 8, and since I figured the RABBIT would be 8, this one had to be 0.
RABBIT: From EventHorizon's "Why This?". See "TICTAC"
TICTAC: Also from "Why This?". If you wait until the counter drops to zero, you unlock an achievement "TICTAC", you'll get a picture of a rabbit with an 8 on it, and this secret code.