Ludum Dare 27 and NGADM13 round 2

2013-08-28 06:11:00 by SourJovis

Hey Newgrounders or people visiting Newgrounds what's up?

Just a news post because a lot has happened and because the old news post wasn't new(s) anymore.

So what's new? I made it to the second round of the NGADM13 and this is what my opponent AcmeDyne submitted. It's very good, but I'm not too unhappy with what I made. I think it will be a close call for either one of us.

I have contributed to a few games already, but now's the first time I'm credited in such a way the game actually appears on my profile. If you haven't played it already please check out Guradamajack! made by Guy Unger and several other people. I think it's a nice game. It's made for Ludum Dare 27 and the theme is 10 seconds. You have to escape a zombie infected lab. For each room you have only 10 seconds to kill the enemies or solve puzzles to get across. I made two songs for the game. One 10 second song for the final level. Another song I made earlier was used as well for the end of the game.

Ludum Dare 27 and NGADM13 round 2


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