I'm a musician. Check out my band Botsing. I also make music for games, animations, short films, vlogs, etc and I write scripts, record sound effects, animate and voice act.

Bart van Zon @SourJovis

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New studio

Made some changes to my home studio yesterday. Bought a new much more more powerfull pc. Also I've gotten some studio monitors (speakers). Twice an Adam Audio T7V and one S10V (offscreen) and a computer display. That way I can move my studio away from the living room.

So I used to mix my songs on a computer in the living room on a hifi system and tv I also use for films and gaming. Everyone kept telling me that was a bad idea, because hifi systems color the sound too much and I kept defending myself by saying these were neutral speakers, a neatral amplifier, all the settings were straight with no enhancements, the placing is symetrical, the room has little reverb because of the large curtains and everything is calibrated to compensate for room acoustics or differences between the speakers. Also music is relative. If it sounds the same on a hifi system as good music on a hifi system than it must be good. I'd rather have it sound good on a hifi system and bad on studio monitors than the other way around, because that way only "professionals" will know your music sucks and ordinary people will think it's good, which is most people. If most people will think it's good, maybe it just is. Anyway the living room was getting too cluttered with synthesizers and stuff, so I had to move it to create some space. Anyway, I must say these studio monitors have an interesting sound. It's much more direct and I feel I can hear more details or something. Maybe I was wrong all this time and my mixes will improve. Or maybe I was right and my music will suck. Decide for yourslef.

My first song mixed with this setup will be a Botsing song (my band ) called "Tracker" and will be a synth heavy song about internet bots for Robot Day 2022.


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