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I make music for games, animations, short films, vlogs, etc. If you want me to make something for you, please contact me and we'll discuss the details.
I also write scripts, record sound effects, animate and voice act.


Bart van Zon @SourJovis

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It's almost time for the NGADM 2019. Like every year I'm joining and I'm super exited about it. Now let's just hope I'll make it through the audition stage, because there are a lot of entries this year. More than ever. But that makes it all that much better.

Time to reflect a little on the past years. So far I've always (sort of) made it through the audition phase. I never made it to any nice ranking though. Only once made it to round 3, by pure luck. Still some of the best songs I've made I've started for the NGADM. 2 weeks to work on a song is a little short for me, so I've always improved on it afterwards. The feedback I've got during the NGADM always helped tremendously.

Last year I had a bit of writers block. Hadn't made a new song in a year, so my start was very rusty. Only today did I finish the song I intended to submit for NGADM 2018. It turned out pretty well I think so have a listen to Le Cygne Tueur.

And if you're interested this is the music box version of the same song that I ended up submitting instead.

I would never have won anyway because I had some serious competition. Both Sequenced and I were eliminated by etherealwinds who would end up winning NGADM 2018.

Good luck to everyone entering NGADM 2019. I know this will become a splendid year once again!

Just a little update. I didn't make it in the top 96, so I wasn't allowed in the competition. I was positioned 110th, so I wasn't even in the fill-in pool of 10 (97 to 106). In the end that many people dropped out (forfeited or didn't fill in the entry form in time), I was allowed in the first round after all. This is the song I submitted Sky Gardening. If I make it to the second round, you'll hear a new completely different song by me. If not, I'll spend the time reserved for my second entry on a Robot Day track. Either way, by next track will be Robot themed and I'll upload it on Robot Day the 26th of August.


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