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If you're wondering what I'm up to, here's what:

I'm working on music for a game at the moment. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it, but if you like Hobo Bob and you would like to play it on your android, keep your eyes open.

Also I'm working on a demo EP. As a matter of fact it will be a double demo EP with at least 32 songs. All from after my Sour John period (that's a closed book... For now). For that I've been mainly busy updating my old songs. 4 months ago I've bought the latest version of Propellerhead Reason. It came with a lot of useful new features, like equalizers that let you see the sound spectrum and finally have proper high pass and low pass filters. They also gave me free drums and basses sample re-fill packs, with awesome sounds. Replacing my old drum samples seriously takes up most of my time, and also gives the most improvement. Another two re-fill packs I’ve bought are Euphonic Strings and Shreddage, that respectively give me new wonderful string and electric guitar sounds. The reason update also allowed me to buy rack extensions for some cool new instruments. Some I bought are Chip 64, for 8-bit sound chip emulation. Radical Piano + Radical Keys for realistic piano and electric piano sounds. Kuassa Amplification Bundle for some sweet electric guitar and bass amplification. And a Softube FET compressor. I've also tried out some instruments that I want to buy later, like the PX7 FM modulation synth. My own mixing skills have vastly improved over the last few years (even though they're still far from perfect), so with all of this I've been able to greatly improve my old songs, and make better new ones.

These 4 songs I've created/updated over the last 3 weeks and I consider them finished (for now). These will appear on the album as is:





20 songs for the album will be other songs I've uploaded to Newgrounds, that I will adapt (a lot) to fit the album, and my current production skills. These songs include "Happy Bits", "Hobo Bob gets the Job!", "Milk Man", "Wtfepic Battle", "Temple Distraught", "Fragile" and "Fisherman's Fantasy". I will also make a song like "Party Crashers" and "The Genocide" but come up with melodies of my own, so they will become entirely my own songs instead of covers. 

8 songs for the album will be new songs that I haven't yet uploaded to NG. Most of them are songs I've already started on though.

All help is welcomed. If you think a song can be better mixed, if you can better play a certain instrument, or if you have better samples, please let me know.


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