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That was a funny animation. Good facial expressions. Audio could be cleaner. Animation was good enough. Voice acting was good. Thanks for making me smile.

This game looks beautiful. Some of the backgrounds look very bland, but I trust you will work on those. Looking forward to the finished version.

It's okay. Very relatable subject. Would've been a lot better if there was sound at the beginning though. The animation could use some work. I like the timing of the music that cues in. Just keep at it. Practice makes perfect.

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Great game! I love the humor. It's much better than you would expect from the artwork alone. At first glance it looks like any ordinary troll game, but it's actually very polished, and the gameplay is great. I also like how you put a lot of effort in making this game cinematic. The jokes wouldn't work any other way. I truly enjoyed playing this.

OOGIDIBA responds:

Thanks! I spent way too much time on the cut scenes haha. It's good to hear people are making it to them!

Great! I like the Gorillaz music. It looks a bit too much like mega man. The main character in any case. I think you should change the graphics a bit more to make it look more unique. Also I think the jump sound should be longer. You should definitely make this a full game. I'd help with the 8-bit music if you want.

I like this game. It could easily be much longer, but I assume you just didn't have enough time for that. The graphics are very nice. The sound fx and music too. Gives a very pleasant mood, and it all fits the edgy isometric theme. The isometric view is also what makes this game unique. Very difficult to aim and see what's where. I think you could've made even more Esher like optical illusions with this. It would be very annoying to the player, but it would work if you had more levels, to make it really difficult at the end. So is the sky reflected in the water, or is the water the sky? Or is that a question better left unanswered?

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Not bad. I like how lively it sounds. Very interesting and not like something I hear a lot.

The song could use more build up. The break at 1:30 is quite nice for example. I wish this song had more parts like that. Other than that it doesn't really have a lot of contrasting segments. It retains about the same energy throughout. I know this is an experimental song and it shouldn't have a pop song structure, but a bit more variety in quieter and louder parts would make this more interesting to listen to. It quickly loses my attention like this.

For an experimental song you choice of instruments isn't that unique. They sound like presets to me, that any random beginner musician would choose. That's the opposite of what you want right? Mixing wise it sounds very dry. Especially the drums. As if you've picked a few presets that already had some effects on them and you did very little to adjust the sounds to make them sit well in the mix. It sounds very computurish this way. With so many people with no music skill or talent being able to make music on a computer these days, you risk being labeled an amateur. So I advice you to be really clear and specific in your own personal style and sound.

I think you could go either 2 ways from here. Program your music like you do now, but make it even dryer, with less effects to emphasize it's computer music and it's a deliberate choice. Or make the sounds more refined and professionally mixed, and play the instruments manually so it becomes more like a minimal experimental jazz style. Either way is fine, as long as the listener is convinced you know what your doing.

I like it when there's a strange rhythm and all of the instruments emphasize it, instead of each doing it's own thing. I think you should focus a bit more on that, because sometimes I hear it, sometimes I don't.

Experimental music is difficult both to create as well as to judge. I think it only works if the musician can convince the audience he/she really knows what he/she's doing, instead of just playing whatever because it's experimental. For that you really need to find your own sound.

Keep working on it!

Have fun on Pico Day. I've always wanted to go to see the people from Newgrounds, but have never been able to find the time and money to make the trip. Good luck with your moving to Florida, your game release on steam and all of the projects your working on!

RealFaction responds:

Thank you! I'll be taking another video when i get there this week so for anyone who missed it, they'll be able to see :)

I like the percussion and the bird(?) sound effects. Makes this sound more unique and lifts it to another level. Other than that it's good as usual. Relaxing and pleasant sounding. Yet, it has a certain drive, that you expect from a mountain terrain in a snes game. Like the music reflects the heroes' determination to keep on climbing if you know what I mean.

ade-syndicate responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate your detailed comments. :>

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Very nice. I like the waving palm trees, and how detailed it all is.

Arja responds:

Thank you!

Awesome! I'll have lookout for the game.

Looks great. Better than most of what you used to see back in the 16-bit era. Less stiff and angular. Still gives you that nostalgic feel because of the large pixels and careful use of color.

I make music for games, animations, short films, vlogs, etc. If you want me to make something for you, please contact me and we'll discuss the details.
I also write scripts, record sound effects, animate and voice act.


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