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That was a funny animation. Good facial expressions. Audio could be cleaner. Animation was good enough. Voice acting was good. Thanks for making me smile.

This game looks beautiful. Some of the backgrounds look very bland, but I trust you will work on those. Looking forward to the finished version.

It's okay. Very relatable subject. Would've been a lot better if there was sound at the beginning though. The animation could use some work. I like the timing of the music that cues in. Just keep at it. Practice makes perfect.

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Great game! I love the humor. It's much better than you would expect from the artwork alone. At first glance it looks like any ordinary troll game, but it's actually very polished, and the gameplay is great. I also like how you put a lot of effort in making this game cinematic. The jokes wouldn't work any other way. I truly enjoyed playing this.

OOGIDIBA responds:

Thanks! I spent way too much time on the cut scenes haha. It's good to hear people are making it to them!

Great! I like the Gorillaz music. It looks a bit too much like mega man. The main character in any case. I think you should change the graphics a bit more to make it look more unique. Also I think the jump sound should be longer. You should definitely make this a full game. I'd help with the 8-bit music if you want.

I like this game. It could easily be much longer, but I assume you just didn't have enough time for that. The graphics are very nice. The sound fx and music too. Gives a very pleasant mood, and it all fits the edgy isometric theme. The isometric view is also what makes this game unique. Very difficult to aim and see what's where. I think you could've made even more Esher like optical illusions with this. It would be very annoying to the player, but it would work if you had more levels, to make it really difficult at the end. So is the sky reflected in the water, or is the water the sky? Or is that a question better left unanswered?

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Great song. I like the 80's feel and dark atmosphere. The kind of music I like.

great song. Very punchy, sharp and energetic sounding. Exactly how I like chip tunes.

Btw: congrats on getting second place for Pixelday 2019. The competition was fierce and your placing was well deserved.

PredatorMusic responds:

Thank you! I appreciate it. Im soooo happy that I ended up un second! Yas!

So both this song and your earlier song "[SNES] Underground Jungle" are based on the same song? Maybe I haven't listened to them well enough, but I can't believe how different you made them sound. I like this one best I must say. It sounds less "computery" if you know what I mean. The other one sounds good if you like chiptune. This one simply sounds good. It sounds more like a song you may hear outside of a computer game as well. I like how despite of that, you can still hear the familiar snes sounds. I hope I'm making sense.

ade-syndicate responds:

OH, I forgot to update the description! I'll change that quick. It's based off of Hunter's song "Ramestunnels".

Anyway, thank you!! I'm glad you like this one so much! This is the song that went through the most revisions in the game project so far and was more challenging to complete overall. Hunter compared it to Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country!

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Awesome! I'll have lookout for the game.

Looks great. Better than most of what you used to see back in the 16-bit era. Less stiff and angular. Still gives you that nostalgic feel because of the large pixels and careful use of color.

Made me forget what the original sprite in the first game looks like. That's a good thing. This one has the same feel, though it looks at least 10x better.

JinnDEvil responds:

Thank you very much!!

I make music for games, animations, short films, vlogs, etc. If you want me to make something for you, please contact me and we'll discuss the details.
I also write scripts, record sound effects, animate and voice act.


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