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Looks and sounds great. I like the message. So true. Feedback is great. It's good to reflect upon. Often it's best ignored though, because it's just a difference in taste. If you create something artistically there will always be people who tell you to change it. But there will also be others who like what you made exactly because you did all of those things the first one didn't like. So I suppose you should just trust your own instinct, know you can't please everyone and hope for like minded people to find your art.

I've found your's.

SoraNgin responds:

Agreed! And thank you for the kind words! :)

That was a funny animation. Good facial expressions. Audio could be cleaner. Animation was good enough. Voice acting was good. Thanks for making me smile.

This game looks beautiful. Some of the backgrounds look very bland, but I trust you will work on those. Looking forward to the finished version.

It's okay. Very relatable subject. Would've been a lot better if there was sound at the beginning though. The animation could use some work. I like the timing of the music that cues in. Just keep at it. Practice makes perfect.

Great animation. I like the lip syncing and the way the characters move. Maybe the shading could be better. Other than that I can't really give any advise on how to improve. Keep it up.

I love churros a lot.

loberoso responds:

Me too!
Thanks for the vote

Yeah I get like that too. I went to the baker to ask for a rum rocco, and there was this cute girl behind the counter. I just couldn't say rum rocco right. She still understood what I meant, and we had a laugh about it. But it was a bit embarassing.

Been looking forward to this for over a year. I'm not dissapointed. Now I can imagine why it took so long. It's beautifully made, funny and it has social criticism. The music fits, even though it's not directly what I would expect, but that's only better, because it's less predictable like this. Nice use of colours.

Nice animation. A bit short and simple, but it doesn't look bad and it's enjoying to watch. Keep it up. I hope to see even better animations by you in the future. You have the skills.
I hear an increasing number of Kevin MacLeod in the games and movies here and increas-ingly so. Danse Macabre is one of my favourite classical works. Only I'd like to point out Kevin MacLeod didn't actually write Danse Macabre. It was composed by Camille Saint-Saƫns in 1872. This was only performed by Kevin MacLeod, and it's not nearly the best per-formance around, though I must say it's kind of MacLeod to provide artists with so much cc licensed music.

Hraugur responds:

Ah, yeah, I was aware that MacLeod didn't MAKE it but he performed this version. Thank you for your comment! It's nice to hear you liked it.

Very well made. I liked the story of the stone soup, and how it came back at the end. Very well narrated. I didn't know it was supposed to be an old woman until I saw her, but te voice fits. Good animation and sounds.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Yeah, she wrote a good treatment. I'll hit my balls harder next time to go higher and sound more feminine.

I make music for games, animations, short films, vlogs, etc. If you want me to make something for you, please contact me and we'll discuss the details.
I also write scripts, record sound effects, animate and voice act.


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