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NGADM13 unofficial ranking list

Posted by SourJovis - August 10th, 2013

The NGADM13 first round submissions have been judged. The nice thing about this contest is the entrants are paired up with an opponent, so winning is not just a matter of skill but you also have to get lucky with the opponent you get and how he/she performs. This keeps it unpredictable and exciting and provides a chance for the underdogs to make it far. To defeat this point, I make a ranking list based on the average score everyone got from the judges.

1. headphoamz--------------9.26
2. Kor-Rune--------------------8.87
3. SteamPianist--------------8.78
4. ZipZipper--------------------8.76
5. etherealwinds-------------8.73
6. SoundChris-----------------8.72
7. BlazingDragon------------8.68
8. Lashmush--------------------8.52
8. IglicaV-------------------------8.52
10. Blackhole12---------------8.41
11. The Bardic Kings-------8.40
12. SkyeWintrest-------------8.38
13. JacobCadmus------------8.37
14. Camoshark----------------8.33
14. MichaelJ-------------------8.33
16. PeterSatera---------------8.32
17. InYourDreams------------8.31
18. johnfn------------------------8.29
19. ForgottenDawn----------8.27
19. dj-Jo--------------------------8.27
21. acmeDyne-----------------8.23
22. midimachine-------------8.16
22. Breed-------------------------8.16
24. Duttonsayshi--------------8.05
25. RealFaction---------------8.00
25. TheBenjerman-----------8.00
27. InvisibleObserver-------7.89
28. papkee-----------------------7.88
29. Nimble-----------------------7.85
30. Sequenced-----------------7.84
30. aliaspharow---------------7.84
32. XsakuX-----------------------7.78
33. Hurks--------------------------7.77
34. skyood------------------------7.70
35. Mystek-------------------------7.67
36. raggd46-----------------------7.65
37. SineRider--------------------7.64
38. Wolftacular-----------------7.63
39. Xyresic------------------------7.50
40. TitanMusic------------------7.48
41. SilverPoyozo--------------7.47
41. garlagan---------------------7.47
43. ChronoNomad------------7.43
44. Metallica1136-------------7.37
45. BrokenDeck----------------7.33
46. DivoFST----------------------7.26
47. Mawnz-----------------------7.25
48. Braiton-----------------------7.20
49. SourJovis-------------------7.07
50. jvonm-------------------------7.02
51. Calamaistr-----------------7.01
52. Veneox----------------------6.98
53. WingoWinston-----------6.95
54. HalcyonicFalconX------6.94
55. Slug-Salt--------------------6.74
56. Quarl--------------------------6.53
56. Fleshbag--------------------6.53
58. LiquidOoze----------------6.33

Note some rankings are double because of ties. I'm 49 out of 58 people. Pretty bad. I expected a better reception of my entry. Not just by the judges. I thought it was the best thing I ever made. So time for a front page place, more views, better comments, favourites, fans, etc. Then again, the song itself didn't turn as good as I hoped. The singing didn't work out as well as I wanted and Frootza didn't have enough time to play the guitar, so I had to use samples. Guess I should be glad my opponent didn't show up then. I have to step it up a notch in the next round. But how can I if I gave it my utmost? Guess it's time for different tactics.

Comments (17)

This is awesome. It may defeat the point but it's a great way of allowing contestants to see how they did. Thank you :3.

Thanks. Another way of looking at the scores. It adds something.

Useful! Thanks for posting :D

You're welcome!

Thanks for doing this! I was considering making one myself, but you saved me the effort!

Now if someone was REALLY ambitious, they would make a chart like this but broken down by each judge. It would then have statistics such as average score per judge to see who, in general, is harshest or most forgiving. The chart could also feature a breakdown of the average score judges gave within different genres to see if they might have bias. And then it could also...

Okay, maybe a bit overboard. But I can dream. XD

Yeah, if you're interested in knowing that it would be nice if someone made that chart. You could of course do it yourself. Still hard to say that way if judges are biased. Maybe they're just right and metal musicians are just better than house for example. Or they listen to how well it's mixed, and solo piano songs are better mixed than orchestral, so it seems they're biased towards piano but they actually listen to how it's mixed.

I think it is really interesting how me and my opponent, Lashmush, are right next to one another on this list. Just goes to show how close some of these matches can be, and also how luck plays a huge factor in this contest.

Good job to judges for creating interesting matchups!

It was close yes. Just like ZipZipper and SteamPianist. Also interesting to see how far I'm apart from headphoamz. I could've been slaughtered. Instead I got away without even a scratch. Maybe I should add who's eliminated and who not, that way you can see which of the high rankers didn't make it even though they made a great track. Such a waste good musicians don't get to make songs for the next round. On the other hand it's also interesting anything can happen, yet it depends on your skill as well. No matter how you're paired up, you can always defeat your opponent by making a better song (or lose when the other makes a better one).

lawl. 56. woot.

considering Newgrounds is free community so the entire world (about 7,171,250,000 people) could've auditioned, that's extremely well done. Congrats.

Cool list!

I don't think it defeats the point cos it's not like everyone's going to submit the same song in future rounds. People could do much better or much worse.

Thanks. Yeah that's right. But what I meant was this list has nothing to do with who wins and who doesn't. Like HalcyonicFalconX, Veneox, jvonm and me got respectively 54, 52, 50 and 49th place and still made it to the next round, while ZipZipper, Lashmush, SkyeWintrest and Camoshark respectively got 4, 8, 12 and 14th place but were eliminated.

#29? hell, that's a victory in itself.

Just focus on making the song sound good to you, as you did with this round, but just try a new genre, or a new idea- you never know where it may lead.

Yeah that's pretty good. It confirms you belong to the best here. Thanks for your advice.

#19. Hm, there's still plenty of room for improvement.
Thank you for making this list, it's quite helpful.

You're welcome. I think 19th place is quite good, but it's never a bad thing to try to get better.

Thanks for the list. Its a bit gutting though. Ranked 16 out of 58 and im out. :(

I think I'll continue making my entries anyway. Was about the participating, not the winning. :) thanks for the list!

I know right. But if the contest wasn't a death match but just one round like most contests you still wouldn't have won. In any case you tried your best and made another song many people like. You can always try the next contest. Different rules. New chances.

Dude im right there with you, i thought my track was the best i ever made. I question the scoring because i worked harder on that song than others and i felt InYourDreams had great mixing and was too repetitive but he said himself his song was "uninspired" and he didn't really try. I liked his song i even gave a 10 star review but I question...my song had a lot of variation...hmmm..hmm...oh well congrats to him anyway. He's still good but...this is gonna bother me for a while as i question it.

Exactly. I don't know if I should doubt myself or the judge's opinion. Step recently said "Taking other people's criticism is very important in my opinion. Remember, you're the one who made your music, and you will have a totally biased perception of it. Other people will give you a more "accurate" (for lack of better word) overview of your track, and can point out things you missed." but It think it works the other way around as well. Often a casual listener cannot tell how much time and effort you put into your song. You could say your song is flawed then, but sometimes when you explain what you think is good about your song others will like it better, because they realize how much thought was put into it. I don't know who's the better judge. The composer or the audience. I suppose it's a philosophical question, that's not easy to answer. Perhaps a contest where people judge their own songs and another judge judges the judging would be interesting.

Worth considering that several musicians probably tailored their pieces to hopefully match well VS their opponent. Whether they played the competition meta well or not may also be indicated in the scoring more than strictly the songs aesthetics, or the authors capability. After all, a sample size of one song is pretty limited. Hopefully anyone feeling dejected is aware of this!

Could be. I thought 8Bitster would make something in an 8- or 16-bit style, so I put as much as I could into a song beside 8 or 16-bit. Hopefully the judges would think "8Bitster makes a good 8-bit track, but SourJovis can do all of that other stuff (piano, orchestral, metal, vocals) better.". I don't think that's how he judging works though. The scores probably don't depend on what the opponent does, so you're better of making a track that will get a high score independent of what genre the opponent uses.

Being a newcomer to Newgrounds, I'm baffled that, even with the highest of quality it seems from so many amazing musicians, somehow I reached 5th? That doesn't even seem right but wow. I'm really excited for Round 2! Well done everybody :)))

Being a newcomer to Newgrounds doesn't mean you're a newcomer to music. Your song was pretty good so I'm happy the judges weren't prejudiced because they hadn't yet seen you around much. Looking forward to hear more from you.

Crap! Look like Cinematic people win again... I have wrong prediction on metal and EDM people. Well at least Kor-Rune made it.

You think? I hadn't noticed. The highest ranking cinematic song is by BlazingDragon at 7th place. 6 to 1 don't classify themselves as cinematic. Perhaps cinematic does better overall. I'm still looking for a key to succes.

Nice job with the list. I see i'm #41. Should've made my track in more than 2 days. Being a procrastinator sucks

If you think you could've done a better job in more time then yes it sucks. It's not always about the time you spend on it though. Perhaps you needed the time off to load, or get inspiration. With me it usually takes a lot of time to make a song, and I spend as much as I can. I spent almost the entire 2 weeks on my entry and still ended 49th. (Though 2 weeks is actually quite short for me) Sometimes I make a song in only one day or a few hours, and they can be just as good as the songs I spent a long time on.

Haha yeah...i think everyone would win if they did that though, judging their own song. I DID agree with Step's review though, was very profound and helpful with the pros and cons, at least he realized the full potential of it.

Yeah, I don't know how judging yourself would work either. Step's reviews are quite helpful. He knows what he’s talking about and can explain well what he means. Good way to find out how listeners experience your song, and what aspects they may not like about it. Some of these aspects I definitely want to improve if I could. Others I understand why people may not like them, but I did for a reason. Rather than change it I prefer to somehow make the listener understand why I did it that way. Pros are just as important to know as cons. You can learn a lot by knowing what you did right. And btw you didn't do so bad all things considered. It was a good song I thought. Better luck next time.

Whee, near the bottom! xD

Haha yeah. But it doesn't matter. You got lucky and are still in. The exact same thing happened to me. Your song still got favourited and voted for quite positively, so apparently your fans like it. That's worth something too. Personally I think your submission was below your average. If you make something more on your usual level next round you'll probably make it.

Yeah, that's the general consensus, and I hate to admit it but I did kind of rush it a little. >.<

That makes sense. Deadlines always get me too. From now on I'll never upload a song unless there's a competition, so I have a good collection of songs to choose from that I can brush up whenever I see ways to improve them.