NGADM13 unofficial ranking list round 2

2013-08-30 18:54:18 by SourJovis

And here we are again with the NGADM13 unofficial ranking list, but this time of round 2. Here's the thread for the second round of the competition.

1. steampianist-------------9.20 W
2. SoundChris---------------9.05 W
3. JacobCadmus--------------9.01 W
3. headphoamz---------------9.01 W
5. midimachine--------------8.92 W
6. MichaelJ + Jeremyamoto---8.76 W
7. johnfn-------------------8.73 W
8. Kor-Rune-----------------8.62 W
9. ChronoNomad--------------8.59 W
10. InYourDreams-------------8.57 W
10. ZipZipper----------------8.57 L
12. garlagan-----------------8.50 L
13. etherealwinds------------8.41 W
14. The Bardic Kings---------8.36 L
15. HalcyonicFalconX---------8.14 L
16. ForgottenDawn------------8.05 W
17. dj-Jo--------------------7.94 W
17. TheBenjerman-------------7.94 L
19. Blackhole12--------------7.89 L
20. Wolftacular--------------7.85 W
21. BlazingDragon------------7.83 L
22. Mystek-------------------7.81 L
23. InvisibleObserver--------7.80 W
24. Hurks--------------------7.76 L
25. Veneox-------------------7.67 L
26. SourJovis----------------7.66 W
27. IglicaV------------------7.53 L
28. Metallica1136------------7.46 L
29. acmeDyne-----------------6.92 L
30. TitanMusic---------------6.76 L
31. Sequenced----------------6.69 L

Note some of the ranks are double because of ties. Other rank numbers don't exist because of the same reason. Also note there are only 31 places, because someone got disqualified for uploading old songs.

I added Ls and Ws to show if a participant won or lost (W for win, L for lost duh). Although I didn't show who won or lost in the previous round, I'm pretty sure the winners and losers are less spread out this time.

And I made it again, and again near the bottom, but this time it was a fair fight. As a matter of fact, I'm the lowest ranking winner. I wonder how I'm going to do that in the finale. I probably get a lower score than my opponent but the opponent gets disqualified.

Next round I'm up against InvisibleObserver, who was the second lowest ranking this round. Also in the previous round he got a higher ranking than me, so I have a better chance of becoming the lowest ranking winner in the next round, which means I'll be the winner right...


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2013-08-30 19:25:22

Nice list man, although if there's one thing I'd like to see, it's a general leaderboard for all the rounds, just to see how everyone's doing in the grand scheme of things! :P

SourJovis responds:

You mean like you made heheh. Yeah that's useful. The playlist Blackhole12 made as well. We all do our part.


2013-08-30 22:47:26

Thanks for compiling this! :D I guess I fell in the middle this time! xD

SourJovis responds:

Yeah, but at the upper halve of the middle. You did pretty well I think. I liked your song. I thought it was better than your first round submission. Pity you lost this time, but that can always happen. At least you got another good song out of it.


2013-09-02 22:25:27

Congrats bro. That's a very great news to hear that you have won the battle.

:) I love your submission. Next round make something this awesome again!

SourJovis responds:

Thanks! I'll try to make something better even.