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NGADM13 unofficial ranking list round 4

Posted by SourJovis - October 6th, 2013

Another ranking list, just to keep up the tradition, and because with fewer contestants it gets easier for me to do. The scores are the averages of the ones given by the judges for the competition, as are listed here http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1351528

1. etherealwinds---------9.39 W
2. headphoamz------------9.26 L
3. johnfn----------------9.17 W
4. steampianist----------9.13 W
5. Kor-Rune--------------9.06 W
6. SoundChris------------8.93 L
7. InvisibleObserver-----7.93 L
8. InYourDreams----------7.76 L

No talking about myself this time, because I'm not in anymore since the previous round. Even the lowest score was still higher than the highest I ever got in this competition. Next year I'll have to try to be better. Whatever "better" even means in terms of music. It was a very exiting round. Quite a tight difference between headphoamz and etherealwinds. Too bad headphoamz is out even though she placed second in my list. Of course SoundChris, InvisibleObserver and InYourDreams made good tracks too. Here's where you can check out all of the tracks. Looking forward to next round.

Comments (2)

My first time being number one... a real important moment in NGADM for me. Can't believe Phoamy is out though :( I feel angry about it even though the other alternative would have been me leaving the competition... Crazy stuff. By the way SJ, you're awesome for sticking at this and watching the competition throughout! Mostly people lose interest as soon as they get kicked out. I think given a year's time, you'll have be good enough to be getting high scores so keep at it! ^_^

It's well deserved. Maybe not the last time you get first place in this competition. Too bad about headphoamz yeah. It was either you or her, and you both did your best, so there's the outcome. Sure I stick around to watch the end of the competition. Some great tracks in there. Besides I'll have to learn how the inners do in order to compete next year. I'll keep at it like you say, and hopefully improve my scores. Good luck to you in the next round.

Thanks for keeping this up Jovis! I'll be watching how the comp goes now, too. ^_^

I will. Glad you'll still be watching/listening. You'd be missed otherwise. I'll still keep checking your music, even if it's not for the competition. It's awesome anyway.