Voice actors wanted for games

2013-05-04 09:44:34 by SourJovis

Hello voice actors and other readers,

Together with a friend of mine I'm working on a video game series called "Star Gazer Hank Mankind's Ultimate Pilot" or in short SHMUP. And it will be an eh... SHMUP.

We're currently working on the first game, and we're in need of voice actors m/f. These are the characters:

Good guys: Hank (Main character, hero), Board computer (Important support character, computer voice).
Bad guys: Iron Hawk (first boss. Machine), Torch (Second boss. Machine), Factory (Third boss. Machine. Low, mighty, humming voice, like rock biter from The Never Ending Story film), Steel Eagle (Forth boss. Machine. Similar to Iron Hawk), Shroud (Fifth and final boss. Machine.)

All except one are machine voices. You can deform your voice into a machine voice if you want. We want every voice to sound different, so different ways of deforming are welcome. But you don't have deform your own voice. We can do that too. We're more interested in your voice and acting. So only put effects on your recording if you have some good and original ones.

If you are interested in a role for the game please record the lines below for the role you wish to audition for, and send them to paranodia.abridgent@gmail.com

The lines are:


"This is two thousand sixty six. My home planet Gaia's population growth and pollution issues are sky high. But the resources have reached rock bottom."

"(mocking) Heh. No chance buddy."

(excited long stretched yell) "Whooohaaaa!"

Board computer

"Prepare for landing."

"Never produced in a- Holy shit! Behind you!"

"It is not ours. It's Gaia whose access is blocked. Seemingly our enemy hides the planet from the outside to prevent in or outgoing traffic."

Iron Hawk

"This sector is under martial law of the C-Force. Submit yourself or die."

"Stop him. He cannot escape this sector."


"Did you really think destroying C-Force's cannon fodder is impressive?"

"Turns out someone's all talk."

Factory (Low, mighty, humming voice, a bit like the stone guy from Never Ending Story)

"Incorrect serial number, proceed towards gate delta-two for scanning and readjustments."

"To all units in the area, intruder detected."

Steel Eagle (Similar to Iron Hawk)

"You have destroyed an inferior prototype. You will not survive this encounter."

"Built to last."


"Surely. I have time on hands, so fire away. Figuratively I mean."

"Oh you didn't think that we are piloted now did you? Gaia was one of the planets we suspect capable of developing artificial intelligence, and we are here to prevent that."

"Now may I ask you your name?"

Hope to hear recordings from you soon.

Good luck,

ps: I think I have enough voices to make it work now. You can still send in your auditions, and you still make as much of a chance. Especially if you can do a good Factory voice. Not many people have such a deep old sounding voice.


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2013-05-04 12:02:05

Ooo, sounds interesting. What's the game's rating gonna be? : )

(Updated ) SourJovis responds:

You mean the age rating? I'm not too familiar with the rating system in games, but there's no blood, no nudity, no sex, no sex jokes, no scares, no drug use, no drug references, no racism, barely any swearing (I counted the word shit twice but that's it). The violence is restricted to standard video game action. All of the villains are robots. Pretty boring now I think about it. But almost everyone should be able to play it, so that's a good thing. Are you interested to voice a character?


2013-05-04 18:16:56

I'd love to! My voices are limited though: I have the Received Pronunciation (BBC English) accent normally, but I can also handle a stereotypical Indian accent (think the SuperCodPlayer1995 parodies) and a stereotypical Malaysian Chinese accent (since I was brought up there).

I'm not sure which one would suit me just yet, but I'm staying away from the computer unless I get to say 'Holy crap!' o.O

SourJovis responds:

Is it because the Board Computer says shit? If you're more comfortable saying crap, go ahead. It's all the same to me. I think Received Pronunciation is fine. Stereotypical Indian and Malaysian Chinese accents are interesting but a little too exotic for this. Maybe for the next games that involve more human beings. The Board Computer may be the best part for you. It's the second most important character in the first game. I wanted to have more females, but you're the first in thirteen people who have shown interest. You could also try out for other characters. Shroud may be interesting. I want it to sound very friendly but with a hint of deception.


2013-05-04 20:22:18

Alright. Do you have a Skype handle/are you on the NG Audio Portal Skype group? It'll be easier to send files that way.

Alternatively, I have Dropbox -- and the reason why I say this is because WAVs are annoying to send through e-mail.

SourJovis responds:

I have Skype, but I don't use it much. I don't know what Skype handle is. I'm not in the NG Audio Portal Skype group. I can download your files from Dropbox if you send me the link, thanks.


2013-05-07 12:15:12

I'm extremely intrigued, but I feel I need a little something more about the characters to really understand the context of their lines. Cuz as cool as the characters seem, I find it hard to know which kind of "machine voice" you're trying to get, especially when (for example) torch's lines seem more like a cybernetic-enhanced kinda guy and not a random security drone (which I could submit as well, if you want). But yeah, please pm me some stuff if you're interested, cuz 9 out of 10 times, user profiles whack out on my home wifi, even my own.

PS. It's kind of ambiguous where Shroud's lines end and the update picks back up, so just keep that in mind if you wanna reformat some stuff above.

SourJovis responds:

Ok, I'll give you some more details. I left it open because I wanted to hear what specialty each voice actor has. I'm still very open to suggestions, and to set every voice apart, what voice one character will get depends on what all the others end up sounding like.
- For Hank I had in mind just a traditional hero voice. Could be a young man in his early twenties who's still a bit green and hardly ready for the big wide universe. But I'm leaning more and more to a more bad ass action hero like a Bruce Willis character. Could be something in between as well.
- Board Computer has a friendly monotonous computer voice (with no intelligence), but who occasionally goes out of character with a totally hysteric over the top voice like in the part "Never produced in a- Holy shit! Behind you!". I had a female voice in mind since it's the only good guy in the first game that could be a woman. If there are a lot of female villains or if we get great male auditions it could have a male voice as well.
- Iron Hawk and Steel Eagle have the same voices (most likely). I had a bird like skreeching voice in mind. Or a militaristic voice. Like a Nazi officer without a German accent.
- Torch is described to be shaped like a Donut. He's more brawn than brains. So not too intelligent. Maybe a low dumb but arrogant voice. Or a very hateful voice.
- Factory is already described sufficiently. I have a hard time finding such a voice btw, since most voice actors on NG are young, and Rockbiter sounds quite old.
- Shroud should sound refined and possibly friendly. I was thinking about a high harmless kind of voice. Or voice that fakes friendliness, but betrays a certain menace. Possibly a low voice like a Disney Villain (Jeremy Irons, Tony Jay, Christopher Lee).

"Now may I ask what is your name" is Shrouds final line. I put enters between the lines and the update, but Newgrounds removed them. It often removes spaces and enters to save space. Next time I put accolades around each line of text, or something like that.


2013-06-22 13:34:36

Is this still open? And would their be monetary compensation? I'm very interested in helping you out.

SourJovis responds:

Not any more sorry. We've recorded all of the voices we want for the first game. We may need more for the second (sequel), but we don't know yet when and how we're going to do that.