Cathode Raybots Campaign

2013-03-07 21:58:11 by SourJovis

Hello everyone. Have you been playing Cathode Raybots a lot. I know I have. If you haven't please check it out.
There are two playing options. The first one is as human. You are a marine and you have to fight one (if you choose a boss file) or a sequence (if you choose a campaign) of raybots. Imagine megaman, but with only boss fights.
The second option is what makes the game so unique and addicting. You choose a raybot, but then you don't actually fight against a human. Instead you have to design and program the bot, so it can fight any player who chooses it from the boss file. The raybots that get the highsest scores will be featured in campaigns.
I suck at the human mode, but I made a couple of raybots that are quite interesting and challenging I think. I have made them as a campaign since they are all based on my logo and avatar. This campaign only exists unofficially, and you can not choose it from the campaign menu. You can however fight my raybots if you follow the links below.

Hatred MKII up/522/play/426097

Fear Mkii up/522/play/426460

Sickness up/522/play/427964

Death up/522/play/428726

Hatred was the first I created. It's called MKII which means mark two, because I made an earlier version that was too easy.
When I decided to make it more difficult, I made it much too difficult. Impossible in fact, so it couldn't get through the testing phase. I gave it gravity/blackhole bombs (whatever they're called), and a ray that comes out on the top and underneath. To make it easier I switched back to the ordinary boms and the red floating orb shield, like I did in the first version. It's still a pretty difficult fight, because the bot moves around pretty fast, and covers almost every corner of the battle field. For a long time it was ranked 5/5 for difficulty. It has dropped a little since.

Fear was the second raybot I made. Also the second version. I improved the face a bit. Mainly because I forgot to save the first one. But I think this one looks a bit better. I replaced the earlier teleport with a bouncing forward shot, because you could just get clear shots at the first one when you stayed in front or behind it. I still kept the upward shot from the first version. It used to be a very difficult bot also. It was ranked 5/5 for some time. But due to a glitch it became much easier. You were supposed to kill it within 30 seconds while it kept running away. This wasn't impossible, but now it's just extremely easy, because it no longer self destructs when the counter has dropped to 0. Anyone knows why this is?

Sickness was the third. Not much to tell about it. I think I just coincidentally struck a nice ballance in terms of difficulty. I could have made it much more difficult, if I made the patteren longer, made it move around faster, and dropped more bombs, but this was a reasonable difficulty. I don't quite like how the face turned out, but it was a nice idea.

Death was the fourth raybot (excluding all the prototypes) that is. Based it on my own avatar. It's a little out of line with the other three, but it has the same kinds of colours, and I use some weapons I hadn't used before. The difficulty is about the same as the others. Difficult but not impossible.

I hope you like my custom raybots. It'd be nice to see them in an official campaign someday.

Cathode Raybots Campaign


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2013-03-07 22:11:17

You monster!!!!
(or am I really suck at this game?)


2013-03-07 22:12:52

How do you defeat Fear ?????!!!

SourJovis responds:

He stays still a lot of times, you can use your flame thrower at close range to do more damage than normal shots. If you don't shoot with your normal gun for a while it charges up for a more powerfull shot. Use this more powerful shot whenever your gun is charged. Plan ahead. When he's in the first pit, ignore him and get into the second pit next to where he will arrive. By the time he gets into the second pit your gun is fully loaded. Shoot him, then hold the flame thrower. Repeat this process.


2013-03-12 17:24:36

Cool bots. Well above avarage. That's including the bots from the official campaigns. I like to let you know I've defeated all of them. Though none of them at first try. Perhaps I'm not that good at the game. I can beat only halve of the campaigns. Wish this was a real campaign. Someone suggested in the comments to make it possible to create custom campaigns. I don't know if that will actually ever happen though. Neither do I know whether they will still make new campaigns out of the custom bots, and how they will do that.

SourJovis responds:

Yay! Glad someone likes them. They're not perfect. Neither the art for the screen, nor the actual sequence. Still I like what I've made, and I like sharing them. I beat only little over halve the campaigns, but/and I don't know if I'm good at the game either. Sound nice custom campaigns. If that will ever happen, I will make this an actual custom campaign. We'll see what will happen to the game. I don't know if they'll make drastic changes, but a few new campaigns are always welcome.


2013-03-17 16:38:42

Finally I found ways to beat your bots. Great work!

SourJovis responds:

Good job. Now I'll have to make more :P


2013-04-18 17:09:20

I gave up after two minutes. May try again when I'm more relaxed.. right now I'm just mad at the creator of those bots. ;D

SourJovis responds:

Haha. You may if that time ever comes. If you want revenge, just make your own bots and challenge me. But be warned; I have beaten all original campaigns.


2013-04-28 22:02:42

Those are some neat Raybots

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