Cheesy Girl

2013-02-25 08:22:39 by SourJovis

Submitted my entry to comic jam 4 last night. It's called Cheesy Girl. About a girl who gets super powers because she fals in a pot of fonduta (Italian cheese fondue). It was a story I always wanted to do, but never had the chance to work out.

The comic I ended up with is only a summary of what I had in mind though. I didn't have enough time to make a longer comic, but If I hadn't made it now, I may never have made it at all. Now the beginning is made, you may see more of Cheesy Girl, or Chiara as her real name is.

Hope you people like it.

Another news flash. I'm currently working on a new soundtrack for a video game. The soundtrack is for at least 1/3rd done, but the game is still very much under development. We don't even know who the protagonist will be, but I'm rooting for Cheesy Girl.

Cheesy Girl


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2013-02-25 12:33:09

Woa lol... HAWT!

SourJovis responds:

Combines two of my favourite things. Girls and Cheese.


2013-02-27 04:21:31

And a new fetish was born! xD
I liked it!

SourJovis responds:

Haha. You know a cheese fetish actually exists... I should not have googled that just now :s