Video game soundtrack arrangements

2012-10-02 20:31:10 by SourJovis

Today I've uploaded my first video game music arrangement on Newgrounds. I've been postponing this. First I've uploaded some of my original work, to show what I'm capable of and that I don't only do remixes.

It's usually snes games I arrange. With arrange I mean, rewrite for more elaborate sounds than the snes sound chip can handle, while remaining true to the intention of the original song. (In other words: making it sound as good as I can, while changing as little as possible.) When you forget the original song didn't sound as good as this, that's when I've reached my goal.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, or if I caught your interest, check out my latest audio submission. It's an arrangement of South Cape, the Town by the Sea from Illusion of Gaia. If you like it, I will upload more arrangements.



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2012-10-02 20:44:22

I'm looking for videogame work, too...

SourJovis responds:

You mean composing for a video game? That wasn't what I meant here. I was just talking about remixing existing video game songs. But I'm interested in being part of creating a new video game as well. In fact I got an offer today, but I'm not yet sure it'll be good. Anyhow, there are plenty great video game projects here on Newgrounds. Good luck finding one you like.