2017 Submissions

2016 Submissions

Milk Man Mk-II Drum N Bass Song
Wtfepic Battle -HD 1.5 ReMAKE- Video Game Song
8-Bit Genesis MkII Video Game Song
The Guardian Video Game Song
Press Start Pop Song
Illusion of Gaia - Adrift (remix) Video Game Song
Ice Coffee (remake) Video Game Song
Sky Garden Video Game Song
Setting Out Cinematic Song
Spreading Bananachips 'n Happiness Indie Song
CTSG4: Anniversary Edition Cinematic Song
To the Stars Remake Cinematic Song
Ling Kano's Fighting Show S3 Fusion Song
Fisherman's Fantasy (water) Classical Song

2014 Submissions

In the Earthen Womb Video Game Song
Happy Bits (nes version) Video Game Loop
Signs of the Past Video Game Song
Run Hobo Run Video Game Song
The Age of Exploration Video Game Song
Sjaan the Flying Doctor Cinematic Song
Where the Wind Doesn't Reach Video Game Song
Hobo Bob gets the Job Video Game Loop
Itory the Hidden Village Video Game Song
To the Stars Ambient Song
To the Future (arranged) Video Game Song
Madhouse Madness Video Game Song
Will's Dream (arranged) Video Game Song

2013 Submissions

Cactusman Fusion Song
Party Crashers Dance Loop
Start a Journey (arranged) Video Game Song
C4 (Carnival Cracker) Miscellaneous Song
The Memory of Last War Video Game Song
Whiteout Video Game Loop
L Kano's Fighting Show S2 Fusion Song
Time's Up! Video Game Song
Ling Kano's Fighting Show Funk Song
Storm Fortress of Kh'lar Video Game Song
Fisherman's Fantasy Miscellaneous Song
Milk Man Video Game Loop
The Synthetic City of Diz Video Game Song
Temple Distraught (loop) Video Game Loop
Temple Distraught Cinematic Song
Monochromatic Comprehensible Miscellaneous Song
Ice Coffee Video Game Loop
Monochromatic As I'll Be Jazz Song
Nuts to the Wall! Video Game Song
A Night to Remember Comedy Voice
The Genocide (alternate) House Song
The Genocide House Song
Fragile ( N A T A ) Miscellaneous Song
Fuzzy the Robot Bee Video Game Song
Prelude Simultaneous Fusion Song
Prelude on Vinyl Experimental Song
Prelude In 8-bit Miscellaneous Song
Dark Yomi Video Game Song
Dreams of Splendor Video Game Song
Close Encounters otNSVK Dance Song

2012 Submissions

Wtfepic Battle Video Game Loop
Tower of Bab-Il arranged Video Game Song
Sour John's Theme Dance Song
Deus ex RollsTool Indie Song
Symphony No.1 Video Game Song
Lufia I Opening Arranged Video Game Song
Dropped Indie Song
Innocence Classical Song
Singing Mountain Arranged Video Game Song
Happy Bits Video Game Loop
Doorbell After Midnight Cinematic Song
South Cape (arranged) Video Game Song
Ouverture Reprise Solo Instrument Song
Het Motief van de Waterbr Classical Song
8-bit genesis Video Game Song
Darkness Cinematic Song
Ouverture Classical Song
Battle of the Bits Pop Song
Quest for 16-bit Dance Song