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Happy robot day!

7/10/13 by SourJovis

Hello people! Happy robot day everyone! For the opportunity I made this song:

I hope you enjoy it.

Also if you haven't played INVAZIA yet, you should.

It's a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really fun and addicting.


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Hey! Grats on getting into NGADM, Jovis! Excited to see what you make.

7/22/13 SourJovis responds:

Thank you! I too am excited to see what I will make. I tried to make a song, and it went very well, until I discovered it sounded exactly the same as the theme song from a film I just watched. I wouldn't be able to hum the tune, but somehow I recreated it anyhow without me knowing it. Now I have to start over again. Grats to you as well! Hope you get far. Maybe we'll meet.